My daughter isn’t afraid of much. Doodle the Goat and some shadow monsters are about all that really bother her. So, when a friend of my husband’s sent home a vintage Radio Flyer Wagon we knew what was coming.

After figuring out that she could put a lot of rocks and other really good stuff in there and haul it around, the idea dawned on her that it should go down the new gravel drive to the barn all on its own.

Oooh, how cool would that be if it could take her with it? She tried to make it go on her own, but her legs aren’t long enough to reach the ground while she is sitting on the inside. She finally figured out that she could make it move by rocking back & forth. Thankfully, the gravel is chunky enough to keep her from reaching ramming speed, or I think we would have had need of some of the much dreaded Band-Aids. Coasting is her most favorite thing to do while we are outside these days. I say go for it! The more times she rides down, the more times she has to haul the wagon back up the hill, & the sooner she is tired out!

I love the metal wagon. I am sure that someone, some where will say it is too dangerous. I don’t care. I had one as a kid, & I made it. And I can hear where she is on the farm with that thing rattling around behind her!

Long live the red Radio Flyer!