Hubby put in a mini-orchard. We found these trees last year at Costco and waited too long to buy some. We didn’t wait this year. We have a pear and an apple tree that have multiple varieties on them. The different varieties are grafted onto the root stock, they will neatly cross pollinate, and make delicious fruit. There is also an apple tree sapling that came from the seed of an apple I ate shortly after we moved in. It is supposed to be a Crisp’s Pink, but that might not be true, since I have no idea what pollen the bee dropped into the flower. I could have a totally new variety down there. We are also giving a peach tree a try. One of Mom’s neighbors has a peach tree. I have actually seen the thing loaded with peaches, so it it is possible to grow them here.

He built the retaining wall out of rocks that were here on the property. We are hoping that the trees are far enough away from the fence & that the hotwire will keep the goats from reaching through and having a snack.

My husband brought home a pair of blueberry plants two years ago. My daughter LOVES them. We are lucky to get any of the berries off of the bushes. He picked up two more varieties, so we now have a small berry patch too. We want to put in some raspberries, but we need to find the right place for them. We tried to put some in out first year, but they didn’t make it over the winter. I think I need to learn a bit more about maintaining raspberry canes too. They get kind of squirrely if you don’t manage them properly. I want lots of berries and very few canes if I can figure out what variety those are!