I have finished blocks for two more of the Around the World Quilting Bee quilts. That leaves me with two more here and two more on their way.

Issac’s Momma (Sudi-Laura to the rest of the world) said that she wanted us to find something in our stash to use to make her blocks. OK! I have plenty of fabric to get through around here. I bought the ironwork pattern fabric for another block, but it didn’t work. So I went through the fat quarters & found some fabrics that went nicely with the colors in the scrolls. I thought the Churn Dash pattern would be perfect to showcase both the background and the feature fabrics.

She was also short one block from her set. I found the Square in a Square mini-block and decided that I would go through my ends and make a sampler of some of my fabrics. These are all fabrics that I have used in the last few years for projects. Quite a few of them are to be found in the other ATWQB blocks. I did leave out the denim, corduroy, and fleece since they don’t iron out so well.

The idea was great, but the execution about drove me insane! Scrappy is fun, but scrappy with a plan can be crazy. Next time, I will sew all of the triangles together into sets, THEN attach them to the white squares.

I also think I need better lighting in here. It’s not so bad when I am at the machine, but sewing at night can get pretty dark, and don’t even try matching up colors then!

Next was Cindra’s block. Her quilt was vibrant, and in some cases wild! (Penguins!) I wanted to find some of my snappier fabrics to make her block with. I found the ladybugs and remembered that I had the fun black and white floral print with the green centers. It took me longer to match up a good red with the ladybugs than it did to sew the block. I like the star with the stair-stepping blocks. Quite a few of the other blocks in her quilt were also built on the 9-patch pattern, so this one should be right at home. I think she may be the last one to have all of her blocks made by different people.

I have a few other sewing projects to finish off. (Yes, cousins, that includes hemming your lounge pants!) Then it is back the last few blocks I have. It seems like there should be more, until I realize that we started this back in May sometime! I guess time does fly when you are having fun!