I know this is going to irritate the folks who are still being buried under snow, but I went out to the garden and dug up the strawberry plants.

We have a fairly small garden spot and we are only growing things that we will eat. My family doesn’t do many veggies no matter how I try to disguise them. Berries on the other hand are always popular. We originally put in about 8 plants. Over the course of the last few years they have multiplied all on their own. We grow our own compost and we work it in to the garden on a regular basis. The soil in the berry patch hasn’t been amended since we put the plants in.

(I got this far & decided on a re-design.)

After digging up the strawberries for separating I am realizing that the layout of garden is not condusive to easy weeding and harvesting. The one main bed was farther across than I could reach from either side. With the young one wanting to get out and help us, I am going to need much more defined pathways to keep her little feet from stomping through the beds. Since our other major crop around here is rocks, I think I can find some pathway material fairly easily.

(I found the huge granite rock when I was digging the new home for the rosemary roots!)

I have also realized that some of the perennial herb plants are not in the best location now that they have matured. I need to move them to free up space in the garden for other things. I know that I am probably pushing my luck working in the yard and garden this early, but it is dry right now so I am going to risk it. Worst case, I have to replant the strawberries and get a new rosemary bush. Not the end of the world, just an opportunity for new varieties!