This breeding season I tried to use mostly Artificial Insemination to breed the goats. I have had some really good results in the past with AI. My timing must have been off this season, as I didn’t get too many conceptions. This little guy is on loan to us from a friend, and he is pretty darned accurate. Smelly, but effective.

The smell is one of the major reasons people don’t keep bucks as pets. Bucks are the ones that gave goats the reputation for being stinky. The milkers don’t smell unless they have just come from a love connection in the buck pen.

This guy is a Nigerian Dwarf and is significantly shorter than the standard sized goats we have here. This will make for some cute and easy to deliver kids. Our first baby goats are due to arrive in April. This is a little later than the average herd, but I wanted time to have the milking space done. This will also allow us to have milk later into the season.