These blocks are for Paloma of Three Kitchen Fairies. She started off her quilt with some spools. When I saw them I began to search for the right fabrics for her block.

I wanted to make wooden spools with a striped center piece to mimic thread. I found the “wood” fabric last summer in the Christmas clearance at Finding the “thread” was harder. I wanted 4 pieces that went well together. I finally found 3 in the St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital collection. I was sure there had been a fourth, but could not find it. I have been looking since last August for another fabric that would work with this grouping. It was not going to happen. Then I thought that we all run out of thread eventually, so I put in an empty spool. I bought the safety pin print for another block that I haven’t gotten yet. I think it was very fitting for the border that needed to go on this block to make it the final size.

Her second block was inspired by the other stars and pinwheels that are in her quilt. When I read the size on the block pattern they indicated that it was a 6 inch block. My problem was that they only showed a quarter of the block for assembly purposes. I was a bit tired and extrapolated that when I put all 4 pieces together it would give me a 12 inch block.   No.   The complete block was 6 inches. So, I made 3 more and this is the end product. All of the swirls in the prints remind me of a pinwheel in a March wind. I hope she likes it.