Sunday I finished the remodel of our garden. It had been the chaos theory of gardening before. Things were planted here and there with no real plans. This caused the strawberries to mosey over and mingle with the onions. Tomato plants sprouted wherever last year’s seeds had dribbled out of the last rotting tomatoes when we cleaned out the stalks the previous fall. The pumpkins, squash, & zucchini meandered about at will. Not so good for management.


Our youngest is now 4 and she wants to help with everything. Trying to get her to understand that things are planted in the dirt has been a challenge. She looks at the lovely raked dirt and thinks it would look so much better with boot prints all through it. It is much easier now to keep her to the pathways. The beds are no more than 4 feet wide. This means I can reach the center from either side for harvesting and weeding. The strawberries even have their very own bed. Whoo hoo!


It isn’t quite time to set out the plants as we have had some slushy snow and a good frost, the garden is in fine shape for spring to arrive. This week I will begin some of the more cold hardy plants in their peat pellets here in the windowsill. Now to choose which ones….