Sorry for the grammar, but we did!

First came the box from Lady Belle. She is SummerSadie’s mom and I have gotten to know her through our Around the World Quilting Bee Swap. I sent her a little package at Christmas, but it took months for the Post Office to deliver it. As a thank you and a Birthday present for the little Miss she sent this.

Now, normally I think Sock Monkeys are creepy. It is something about the big red mouth and the little beady eyes. Lady Belle’s sock monkeys have completely changed my mind about how cute they can be. If you want a look at her other fabulous creations you can check them out here. She has even won some fine ribbons at the fair for them. Our little Miss has become quite attached to this one.

A few weeks ago I went to help a friend with some of her goats. There are some tasks that just require two people and this was one of them. I viewed this as a great opportunity to get out of the house for a while and talk with someone who I was not related to and was over the age of 5. Miss Wendy thought that it was chore. So, today in the mail I received this little lovely as a “Thank you”.

It is a pin cushion, a Toggenburg goat pin cushion to be exact! The little apple & rose are actually pin heads. It is currently being put through it’s paces by the pre-schooler. (Yes, I did take out the two pins.) She is a bit dismayed that it doesn’t have legs, so I suppose it will be allowed to live in the sewing space before much longer. Trying to find cute goat things can be a challenge. If you want to see the original inspiration for the pin cushions check out Life Beyond the Sidewalks. She has some beautiful photography there as well as some very cute goats. For more information on the pin cushions you will need to go to Pink Porches.

Thank you all! Your little thoughtfulnesses are wonderful!