This is a bit of a jump backwards in the numbers, but the quilt just arrived way out of order. It still has a long way to go before it arrives back home to Katy in the UK, so I slipped it in before the other two I had here which are really close to being done.

This block is similar to her starter block. She sent us a link to a tutorial for some cottages at Freda’s Hive. They are really cute, and really simple to make. The hardest part is choosing your fabrics.


This block is the same size as the cottage blocks but is obviously a bit different. I thought she needed a farm in her little community. I started working on the design as soon as I saw her original block. I had some time without a steady stream of ATWQB blocks and would work on it then. The goats are representatives of the ones we raise here. The chicken weather vane is a nod to my husband’s small flock of hens.

These will be off in the mail on Monday. I have Caroll’s quilt out and am planning the fabrics for her blocks now.