Some of these blocks have been in the works for quite some time. Everyone posted photos of their original blocks on the Flickr group page. From there, we have had some basis to start our musings on fabrics and patterns.

Caroll’s starter block had fun & whimsy written all over it from the get go. Who can be sad when looking at those cute sunshines in the Twisted Sister pinwheel pattern?

Some of my travels this summer and fall took me to fabric & quilt shops way out of my normal home range. That is how I found the great grass fabric I used in the farm block and this adorable Ladybug print. When I saw the Ladies, I knew I had to work them into Caroll’s block. I bought enough to catch each one of the different lines of ladybugs on parade. I have turned that into a block I am going to call Ladybug’s Picnic. It is a variation in the Square Dance block.

Her other block is made from one of my favorite pieces of fabric from the late 80’s or very early 90’s. I have every intention of making a Raggedy Anne dress with the rest, complete with the snowy white pinafore and bloomers. I have no idea why I like the blue stripes with the cutsie little heart flowers so much, but I do. I mixed it with a soft blue marble, and white with a mint green pinstripe. Soft and sweet. It is a variation of a variation on a Sister’s Choice block.

Her quilt is going to be very cute when it is all finished.