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This project has taken way too long. It was supposed to be a graduation gift for a friend’s daughter. I really wanted to make this pattern, and tried to make the pieces from an old Better Homes & Gardens publication. The kind that had a grid with the templates that you had to enlarge yourself. That didn’t go so well.

(Look Ma! No points on the first block and nothing matches in size! The little one on the left is a corner piece using the templates.)

This disappointment set me on a search for a better pattern. I am not a paper or foundation piecer. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of how it works. (I’ll take a class one of these days.) Those were pretty much all that I was finding until I stumbled on to the Marti Michell site. She has great acrylic templates and they really work! So, after ordering the pieces necessary to make up the block, I was set.

(One Storm a Sea block.)

I forgot how much cutting was involved in making a Queen sized quilt. I made a good start, and then the farm & life kind of side tracked me. I would work on it in spurts. I put a huge dent in it on our “Girls Weekend” in January and pretty much just had the rows to assemble. This time it was the ATWQB blocks that were hanging me up. I had quite a few of them to complete and get on their way.

Now the top is done! I have to pack it up and ship it out for quilting. It is too big for my small work space, and I really want to give it to her soon! Perhaps a graduation anniversary quilt?!?!

Almost a finish!


Or something like that.

This was the first year that we dyed eggs. Life has always gotten in the way and we use the plastic ones to hide outside. We all had a great time! Dad even got in on the act. We decided that 24 eggs weren’t enough to dye, but we also didn’t want to eat any more than that. So, it was good enough. NEXT year we are going to make dyed eggs for all of our neighbors. Most of them do not have little kids, so that will be fun. I may even make sugar cookies shaped like bunnies. Who knows.

(Antenna @ Radio Club Tacoma)

The other big thing this last weekend has been Ham Radio. This is not a hobby I had ever had a burning desire to leap into. I have plenty of projects on my plate as it is. I am not very handy when it comes to tinkering with electronics. The computer and I have a cautious working relationship. As long as it is working, I won’t throw it out the window.

Becoming a licensed Ham Radio operator was a requirement for the level of Team or Operations leader with the Washington State Animal Response Team. So, give me a weekend course with several great instructors, a text book, a highlighter, some intense study time, a daunting test, and…. Voila! I am now a Technician level HamĀ  Radio operator.

This sounds impressive, until you realize I have no idea how to power one up and make it talk. I imagine I could figure it out and will probably work with the others in WASART who are in the same situation. We are a problem solving bunch around here, and somebody is bound to have a radio we could play with. Part of the problem is that until we have a license, legally we can’t really get our hands on the buttons, knobs, and dials without putting somebody else’s license at risk if we mess up. We really don’t want that kind of thing to happen, so we play nice.

That has pretty much been the best of what is going on around here. I have a few new updates on some quilting & the barn, but those can come later when I find the batteries for the camera. Now where did those go…?