This post is a mish-mash of things that have been keeping us hopping lately.

It is spring and that means busy on a farm. Welcome to our first kid of the season. He would like to have some friends to play with, but for now he gets us.

Howdy Grover!

This puts us back on the milking schedule. Hopefully every 12 hours, but sometimes it swings a bit one way or the other.

I have also been putting in some serious time with the Washington State Animal Response Team. I have been a part of this organization for several years. It has done a lot of growing since I started, and we are revamping some of our training curriculum to reflect that expansion.

Wall of WASART jackets.

I have been tasked with developing the “Biosecurity” section of the field response training program. No, this does not involve “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, well, not unless you are a germ. My WMDs include disinfectants, good hygiene practices, and some common sense. (That last one is the hardest to come by. If I could only figure out how to put that in a box, I’d have my first million inside of a week!)

This project has prompted me to figure out how to use the Power Point program in my Office software. It is kind of fun, once I can find the right series of buttons to make it do what I want. I have to finish off adding in the photos today. Then it gets a final inspection, and off to the printer for inclusion in the training packets! Next weekend is the training, so I will see how well it is received.

Hay helper!

Of course things on the farm keep on moving. I have some excellent help. At times it is help, other times, well… not so much.

My sweet husband has this problem. He has an addiction. He is addicted to plants, in particular, the odd ones he finds at farmer’s markets. Thankfully, this is only a problem when we run out of room on the deck for us to sit. He brought this lovely gem home with another in deep purple. I’ll have to go find the tag to let you know what they are, but these actually seem to glow, especially in the evening light. We have the squash and pole beans started in peat pellets in the window, along with some herbs. Hopefully they will be ready to hit the remodeled garden in a few weeks. Just about the time the next batch of baby goats are due to hit the ground!