These are the last blocks in the Around the World Quilting Bee for Dionne’s quilt. I have one more set to make for Jane (23) and that swap will be over. I have kept the blocks numbered in their original order. It was the way I could keep track of whose had been done. When I got the big batch just before Christmas it was the best way to prioritize the quilts.

Dionnne wanted us to make her a house/cottage for her quilt. I found this fun coffee quilting fabric and thought that she had to have a coffee house since we both live in the Seattle area. I love these stick figure kids. I picked the one with the dog because people around here bring their dogs everywhere. I am NOT talking about the service dogs either. These are just regular dogs in irregular places. Her son thought it looked like him and his dog, Jake. So this is Jake’s Java Joint.

The second block is another version of a farm block. With this one I painted the animals directly onto the fabric instead of a separate piece that I had to then stitch down. My applique skills are far from expert, so this method looked better in the end. I did stitch in the weathervane’s tail feathers!