This is what it looks like.

It has been weird weather and crazy schedules around here. The morning I took this it was sunny and beautiful, within an hour it was dumping rain but still warmish, by 2:30 it was doing this. It was all but gone an hour later when I went to pick up the little miss at pre-school.

Most of my time the last ten days has been devoted to trainings. I completed my Incident Command System (ICS) trainings at level 300 & 400 over a 5 day span. This system puts together a comprehensive framework for organizing people and positions during an emergency incident. This allows all of the different agencies to play together nicely, and actually get something accomplished.

(Wildlfire rig by KeyPenFD) This past weekend was dedicated to WASART’s Field Response training. I brought 6 goats for the trainees to handle. For the most part the goats behaved really well. The original idea was to turn the goats loose in an arena and have them catch and load the goats back into the trailer. Instead I brought the animals out and they got to hold them and walk them around before we loaded them back up. Not really the best for real life evacuation situations, but at least they have actually touched a goat now. I also gave my Power Point presentation on Biosecurity. I had 30 minutes for 20 slides, and I felt like I was on fast forward through the entire thing. My biggest concern was that at the end I asked for questions and nobody had any. Either I covered it so completely they didn’t have any, or I talked too fast and they missed most of it. I’ll have to wait for the review forms to find out.

Sunday I stayed home and caught upon all of the laundry, dishes, and farm chores that have slid by until now. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I suppose I had better find a card or something….