I had so much fun with the first one that I decided to sign up or the Christmas version. My block is another 12 inch block. This one is called Christmas Star. I used a cute Rudolph the Reindeer print and some red, green, and white prints to construct it. I am hoping that everybody will have fun making the blocks in whatever style they want.

I am expecting my original ATWQB quilt and Jane’s blocks to arrive soon. They are in Oakland, CA with Nann. With the last swap, Dionne was my “send to” and therefore the last persons quilt I was supposed make. This swap I am her “send to”, so I made the first block in her quilt. For two days I had both of her quilts on my cutting table.

I made her a Christmas Star block too. She wanted a 12 inch block with a border of fabric that she provided. It turned out very pretty.

I have also received Jen’s quilt. She is from Ontario, Canada. She told us that she isn’t so much into the traditional Christmas colors, but preferred the silver, blue and purple colors. Jen provided us with some beautiful fabrics to work into our blocks however we wanted. I had seen a block pattern I thought would go well with her starter block and had already picked out the fabrics for it. It didn’t take too much effort to work a piece of one of her fabrics into the pattern.

This is Jen’s Winter Spy Glass block.

I have Tanya’s place mat blocks now. I have several ideas for that one. Now I just have to see if I can make them look like the pictures I have in my head!