Here is the next installment of the Christmas version of the Around the World Quilting Bee.

The Little Miss has been known to help me when I am shopping at the fabric store.  I usually let her pick a fat quarter or some little craft out of the dollar bin. This snowman print is one of her finds. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it at the time she picked them out last fall. I thought I might make Nanna some coasters or something since she has quite the collection of snowmen.

It has since found a home in Trashalou’s block. The background of this block is covered in silver sparkles. I wasn’t sure if they would hold on for the long haul, but they made it through the pre-wash, so I have hopes they may last a few more. The light blue pieces are actually dimensional. They are squares that have been folded into quarters and then have the two raw edges sewn into the seams. It is kind of a fun element to add. It also makes this block a little different than the other Christmas Star block that Trash has in her collection of blocks.

Her quilt is now winging it’s way to San Jose. I am awaiting the next batch.