This post is a bit late. We had folks over last weekend for our annual Labor Day get together.

It usually involves large quantities of smoked meats. This year was no exception. We had pulled pork, brisket, and chicken. My dear husband made those yummy baked/smoked beans again too.

This is a view of the table of goodies. Everybody usually brings a salad or some other yummy side dish. It was good by all accounts.

We had outdoor seating this year. The area in front of the new barn is fairly level and we have enjoyed having the picnic table out there all summer. We may be able to have the picnic in the backyard next year.

We put in about 8 or 10 tractor bucket loads of well-aged compost in the backyard where we used to have the milking parlor/hay tent. After a bit of leveling and some addition of peat moss, we seeded that area,watered it, and this is the result. After a few days of rain we had quite the jungle going out there. Hubby waited as long as possible before mowing, since he didn’t want to rip the new grass out by the roots. The new lawn seemed to take the trim well enough.

This is the strangest shade of green. It just about glows. Everything seemed to like the rain. The garden especially. We have 4 green beans now. They ought to be ready to eat in a week. What a huge disappointment this year’s garden has been. Not nearly enough warm weather early on in the season. Oh well! There is always next year!