It is here!  The first day of school. Our cooperative preschool starts a couple weeks after the Elementary. It is supposed to be “Slow Start Day”. Somebody forgot to tell the kids, they hit the classroom raring to go. They had about an hour to get acquainted with their new classmates and poke around the room.

Little Missy Marie LOVES school, once she gets there. Some days it can be quite the struggle to get her out of the house. Once she is buckled into the car, it is all good though. This is her second start with all of the other kids. She jumped in about half way through her first year. As a child with hearing loss she is incorporated into the school district at 3 years old instead of the mandatory First Grade.

Yeah, did you know Kindergarten is optional? NOT at our house mind you, but it is. So she will have two and a half years of preschool under her belt by the time she takes on Kindergarten. She was so into the whole school routine today, she headed straight for the cubbies to dump her stuff and bee-line it to the sink to wash her hands. She got a bit of a shock when her name was not on the cubby she expected. Her teacher explained that since she was a big girl now, she got a cubby on the top shelf. She didn’t really care why. “Just give me someplace to put my junk so I can go play!”

Painting Pals.

Books, cars, Legos, and the paint easel were all on her agenda today. She is starting to have more interest in the arts & crafts activities. So watch out family! Refrigerator Art may be coming in the mail! My fridge & freezer are full from her efforts with crayons and finger paints over the summer.

Tomorrow is the real deal. Two and a half hours of class. I hope Miss Mary is ready. Heaven help her!