I did get the huckleberry juice all jellied up and the apples made into sauce & apple butter. The apple butter took FOREVER, but it is so tasty I almost don’t care that it took all day to cook down.

Last weekend the guys headed out for the annual camping & bike trip. In my world this means house project and usually involves painting some walls. My darling husband paints for a living and so it frustrates the crap out of him to watch me paint. I have picked up some handy hints from him over the years, but I still drive him nuts when I paint. So, to keep the peace, I wait until he is going to be out for a few days and then go for it.

This time it was the sewing space. Yeah, you really don’t want the husbands in there rooting through all of your fabric. With the help of my sister, I did manage to get the space emptied out and painted on Saturday. By Monday I had all of the fabric dealt with, but a lot of the office type stuff is still on the dining table. UGH! So today I ran into town and picked up a few more shelf brackets and another piece of shelving. I now have two nice shelves to put my books and small supplies on. Whoo Hoo! Once I finish I’ll try to get some pictures to show you all. I have a few of the horrible ones from the “before” stage for you to compare.