Over the course of two weeks with the help of my sister and eventually my sweet husband, I emptied out, painted, rearranged, and organized this little area. I can hardly wait to start sewing!

OK, I am really embarrassed to show the before photos, but you need to see how far this little room has come. It’s kind of like gawking at a car accident. You don’t really want to look, but you are fascinated at the same time.

Looking in from the “door” A front view of chaos From the floor The fabric storage corner Sewing machine space More stuff stuffed under here.

This was a general dumping area for unattached stuff when we first moved in. It then was shaped into an office and sewing space. There were no shelves, so most everything was stacked on the floor. I eventually found the wire bins at IKEA. They have been great, and I hope to get my entire stash down to being housed in them alone one day.

There are no overhead lighting options in this room. One wall socket is controlled by a light switch. If I wanted to do anything other than sew in here after dark it was pretty dim. I bought a set of lights from IKEA about three years ago, but had not gotten them put up.

No lights @ mid-day.

Ta-Da! This is the after. I had two bags of paper to recycle and two bags of junk to throw out. One was nearly full from life under the cutting table before I started though. This little task has taken me a bit longer than I planned. I have been meticulous about going through each box/bin/bag and putting the items away in their proper home or chucking them if they don’t work for me.

I have become one with the label maker. I don’t have to wonder where I actually stuck something. I still need some more work done in here. I have a couple of pieces of preformed formica counter top that will go under the shelves. The computer will be shifted to a corner of our bedroom once I figure out the wireless thing. That will free up that corner for the cutting table.

I can get to the bins on the bottom!

I used ID badge holders tied to the wire bins to hold tags with what is in the bin. I will need to spend some time sorting the fabrics into better groupings, but I can at least get to them now.

How tidy!

I had the fat quarters in these bins before, and they are just perfect. Do you think I can find the same size again? NO. Thankfully I bought nine of them at the time. That should be more than plenty, since I am supposed to be cutting down on fabric instead of adding it. They just fit so perfectly on that shelf though.

I still have the sewing machines on the little tables, but I do have the counter tops ready for installation once the desk is set up in the bedroom. I have big plans to get that stained and waxed this weekend.

I did get the crap stuffed under the cutting table reduced to two major bins. They have my materials for making goat coats in them. Since I haven’t been doing too much goat showing in the last few years, they are pretty much on the bottom of the priority list. Once I have them made, they can be stored in the same bins – out in the barn! I am keeping an eye out for a discount cupboard for under the counter once it is installed. Then I can safely store my cross-stitch and extra thread out of the sunlight.

I am so happy with the improvements in here! I still have some things to get done before I can completely check this off as a finished project, but it is so much closer than two weeks ago. My guess is that with all of my bargain hunting, I was able to get this room looking like this for under $150 over the course of 3 years. It took that long to slowly acquire the pieces on a budget that included buying fabric, and I did haunt the HomeDepot Oops Paint & Cull Lumber section for shelving and paint.

I hear quilt blocks calling & then I am off to organize the cupboard with the cookbooks in it now that my quilting books are out of there!

Hmmmm. I wonder if I can build a built in bookcase down the hall by myself. My poor husband, he’ll never go away on a long weekend with the guys again!