The kids will play!

Meet Cynthia & Rauel.

This year’s Jack O’Lanterns.
Today, while I was out working on some long range planning goals for WASART, my husband and daughter were at home gutting and carving pumpkins. I miss all of the fun stuff!

I did get to help with the naming of the pumpkins though. The Little Miss was horribly sad that she couldn’t find the right name for her pumpkin. We ran through a very long and engaging list including Humphrey, Herbert, Sally, Myrtle, and quite a few others. Cynthia was the only one that she liked. I think that Cynthia is a rather happy pumpkin, even if she is missing a tooth. I had to hear ALL about that. Nice job Daddy!  According to my husband, the other pumpkin is Rauel. I don’t even want to ask.

I am off to play with gathering & stitching down three separate layers of tulle underskirt followed by a satin over skirt and the installation of a 14″ zipper in the afore-mentioned satin outfit. Then I can call the costume “complete” and finally get some sleep.

Happy Halloween! May you have many more treats than tricks in your goodie bag!