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We picked up the little Miss’s new hearing aids yesterday.

We have had our battles getting her to wear them, but nothing like I have heard from other families of children with hearing loss. Her protests usually consist of statements like”I don’t want hearing aids no more”. She declares this with all seriousness and tears welling in her eyes. She pronounces them “herring aids” though which makes it difficult for her mother to keep a straight face. My poor brain immediately puts the image of little fish whispering behind her ear or of herrings with hearing aids in my head. I should be ashamed.

My poor child is tired of having to wear appliances to allow her to function in the world. I should cut her some slack. Alack & alas, I do not. I try to make sure that the ear molds fit properly and don’t cause her any discomfort, but we would be doing her a disservice if we didn’t make her wear them. She can hear things much more clearly with them in and her speech reflects that. She still has some speech issues, and the lovely therapists we have are working diligently to keep her up with her peers.

Hopefully this new set of aids will help. Her most significant hearing loss comes in the high frequency range. This set of hearing aids compresses those sounds into a lower range where her hearing is better. So instead of the hissing “S” sound that we hear, it drops it to more of a static crackling sound. It does something similar to the other high frequency sounds. It may take her a little while to adjust to, but the hope is that it will give her access to a larger range of sounds.

For now, the challenge it just to get her to wear them. She wants her “brown” ones back. Perhaps I will ask if I can get them in the tan color and trade in the clear ones. I don’t really care what color they are as long as she will wear them.


I had an idea… and this is what came of it.

I saw something similar on a piece of wrapping paper from last Christmas. It gave me the idea of making a snow globe block. You could tailor the object in the middle to fit your recipient or the holiday.

This is only the second design that I have pretty much created on my own with out using an existing pattern or design and doing a bit of tweaking or color wrangling. It turned out pretty good.

I do have to apologize to Caroll for taking so long to move her quilt along. Her block was out of the design phase, but on a holding pattern behind the Halloween Costume in construction. Some things just had to get done first.

I still need to take some non-blurry photos of the costume. Daddy didn’t have too much luck with all of the frenzy for the candy. Perhaps I’ll get to those tomorrow. It will depend on the willingness of my model. She has a busy day scheduled, so she may just not be in the mood for a photo shoot.  It may be Friday before I get some clear shots of the Blue Water Fairy.