Yeah, I’m a bit late with this one. The photos were so pretty I had to share them though.

For only the second time in my memory we have had snow before Thanksgiving. The last time it happened, I was in high school and we thought Sony Walkmen cassette players were cool, it has been a while.

The snow as pretty, but the sub-freezing temperatures that followed over the next few days were not.  We were prepared with heaters for the stock tanks and we bedded the barns with fresh shavings and splurged with some straw. The straw is nice for them to snuggle down in, but it is a pain to pitch out later. The wood stove kept us toasty warm. By Thanksgiving it was warming up and turning most of the snow to slush. Friday morning saw warmer weather and rain. So it was pretty while it lasted. I am sure it won’t be the end of the snow we see this year.