We have a Christmas Tree! There have be several years that we haven’t put up a tree. Those were the years that we didn’t have any kids in the house. The oldest was with his mother and the youngest hadn’t come along yet. We spend Christmas morning at my mom’s so we didn’t see the need in putting one up. Besides, the Christmas Cactus put on quite a show back then, and it was more than festive enough for us.

Hubby thinks that if he hides behind this one, perhaps the others won’t see him coming.

The greatest part about the tree is the hunt. The ever elusive “perfect tree” must be stalked across all of the available fields. We have one family farm that we have found to be very reliable for growing fine trees. We are not particularly set on any one variety. We have had Douglas, Grand, & Noble firs as well as Spruce trees in the past. Some are more friendly than others. One year my sister & I had one we named Sid Vicious. The needles were horribly pokey and made decorating it less than fun. This year we have a Noble and Mom ended up with a sheared Douglas fir.

The farm we buy from has a nifty tree shaker. It is designed to shake out most of the dead needles before you drag it in the house. Personally I think it is to remove any wayward squirrels, but that is probably because I have see Christmas Vacation more times than is healthy.

While I was in working on some Christmas cookies, Dad and Little Miss decorated it up. They had fun with the lights and ornaments. Well, the ornaments are still being moved around at least as high as the short one can reach. The tree has made the house smell wonderful. Mix the smell of the tree with the cookies and it certainly is starting to feel like Christmas.