We have been having some trouble with our bed. Hubby had a waterbed and it was fine, until the seams started leaking this last fall. He figured the mattress had to be at least 25 years old. So we drained it and went for the the air mattress that we used for tent camping. This was supposed to be temporary while we were picking out a new mattress. This worked well and was very comfortable. Apparently too comfortable, since we kept putting off buying a mattress, until we woke up sleeping on the plywood platform one morning. Thinking we had just not sealed the plug properly when we “fluffed it up” the last time. We refilled it and settled in the plug nice and secure, but by that evening it was flat again. We brought out the older version of the same mattress and it lasted a week before it died.

Now we were reduced to sleeping on the couch, the floor, or chasing the daughter out of her “big” bed, which she preferrs to her crib bed these days. It sounded a lot like the three bears around here, without the porridge and the chairs. This was too lumpy, this was too hard, this just wasn’t right.

I had heard some good things about Overstock.com and their pricing on large items. I surfed the site and discovered I didn’t know diddly-squat about what kind of a bed we really wanted. Firm, plush, pillow top, euro-top, and memory foam were all choices and then you had support levels. Sheesh. I just wanted some place to sleep! A dog bed from Costco was starting to look good.

We took the family out on a nice snowy day to test bounce on some mattresses. Holy spring coils Batman! They wanted a fortune for those mattresses. Thankfully I had done some research and knew I could get them for about half of the cost, including the box springs. We just needed to have a working vocabulary of mattress terms. We decided that “Firm” just meant a Kleenex between the fabric cover and springs. “Plush” gave you an inch or two of padding depending on the manufacturer, but the fabric top was still one with the mattress. “Pillow Top” meant mini-mattress attached to the Plush or Firm mattress, again depending in the the maker. “Euro-Top”, well, that was the biggest mystery. Some were double squishy and attached like the plush, and some were thin pillow tops set on a firm mattress. Then you had the whole “Memory Foam” category. To us, they felt like sleeping on a marshmallow or, as a friend described, a cheesecake. We didn’t even get into the whole “Independent-Coil-Spring” issue, other than to find out what it meant, since we figured that coming from water bed and air mattresses, the level of “motion transfer” really wasn’t going to be any worse than what we had!

Having clarified our vocabulary for this project, we went home to order our new bed. I am sure this did not make the store salesman very happy, but we really did try avoid misleading him. We told him we were in only to look at the different types and styles of mattresses. Oh well.

We ordered the bed on 12/19 and the date of manufacture on the mattress was 12/22. I am not sure how that makes it “overstock”, but I’m happy to know it wasn’t languishing around some dingy warehouse collecting rat hairs for months before I bought it. Even better yet, it helped out our local economy, since it was made right here in our state.

We got the call that the bed would be delivered on 12/31. Whoo Hoo! What a great way to start out the New Year! Dear husband had to rework the water bed foundation to make it fit the mattress dimensions, since apparently, not all king-sized beds are the same size. Water bed kings are taller, but standard kings are wider. Seeing as my sweet husband likes to sleep sideways on occasion, wider is fine with me! We received a call the day before delivery saying that because we live out so far we would have to wait a week. They only make deliveries out this way on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month. I asked if we could come pick it up. “Sure! You can do a will-call”  was the reply. If we hadn’t been in the middle of pitching out the barns and chicken shed, we would have driven to Kent right then!

10:30 the next morning we pulled up to the delivery company, loaded the box springs and mattress onto the truck, strapped it down, and headed home. After a bit of mattress wrestling, we got all of the pieces in the house and unwrapped from the plastic. Set up & packing material removal was included in the shipping charge, since our shipping was free, we didn’t mind too much that we had to do this part.

This is our new bed. We chose a Simmons Beautyrest with Euro-top and individually wrapped coils. The mattress is firm without being hard, with a nice level of padding on the top, more than plush, less than a pillow-top. We have been sleeping quite well on it. It is rather tall, and I will have to make a dust ruffle thingie for it so we don’t have to look at the box springs and the end of the bed frame.

I would suggest that if you are needing a new bed that you take a look at purchasing one this way. My best guess is that we only paid about half, or less, of what the prices were at the local mattress store, and we saved about 10% on the sales tax alone.  I love a bargain!  Now to go digging through my stash for enough material for the bed skirt….