We tried out something new this year. The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium goes all out and decorates the landscape with a bajillion-and-a-half  LED twinkle lights. We have wanted to go for a few years, but the weather got in the way. So we decided we would go on New Year’s Eve before we went North to Seattle to our usual “Ring  In The New Year ” destination.

It was beautiful and cold enough to freeze just about anything you could imagine. Now I know we have all seen the light up reindeer, but this takes the cake.

Who would have thunk it? Twinkle-light Musk Oxen, complete with “grassy pasture”! I want some for our front yard next year!

They didn’t leave out the aquarium either. Thankfully for the fish, they only had twinkle lights on the outside, but they did a very nice job.

I this was my most favorite “static” light display. The favorite one in motion was the eagle swooping down, catching a fish, and taking it up to a tree for dinner. The one of Humpty Dumpty at the entry gate appealed to my more disturbed side.  Humpty came tumbling down and the last stage was a large yellow explosion of lights draped over a low bush. Sick, I know, but I didn’t put it up!

From her reaction, it sounds like the Zoolights adventure was a big hit, and we’ll have to make it a “Must See” on our holiday list from now on.

We didn’t make it to Seattle like we had planned. It was horribly cold and the youngest family member was getting tired and cranky. Not really fair to her, or our friends, to make them suffer through that! Ugh!

The youngest didn’t make it to midnight and the oldest ones barely so. We saw the new year come in and fondly patted it on the head before we headed off to see how nice it was to sleep on a real bed!

We hope you are having a good start to you new year!