As has been pointed out by my mother, I haven’t updated the blog recently. Sorry, I’ve been busy. I have been stacking up things to post about though, so I’ll see if I can get them cleared off the desk top in the next few days.
Apologies for the bad photos. They were taken at night so I could drop the blocks at the post office the next morning on our way out.

This is a Pinwheel Surrounded block for Sudi-Laura. She had some large scale poinsettias with some smaller holiday prints to set them off. I’m not sure everybody understood that. Her colors included a bright light blue and some pink, as well as the traditional red, green, and whites. Unless you looked closely at the prints it didn’t look overly Christmassy. Some of the blocks that were made didn’t have any Christmas fabrics in them at all.

This is a Christmas Star for Courtney. She sent a chunk of fabric that she absolutely loved and wanted us to create blocks inspired by it. The Christmas trees were fabulously whimsical. I went with a simple tree and had been saving the rest of the Christmas words material for this block. The colors worked out perfectly.

The Around the World Christmas Quilting Bee has kind of ground to a halt. The swap organizer has more or less closed the swap, so now we are on our own. If we want to make more blocks we can, or we can just have our quilt mailed back. I am continuing to make blocks for quilts that come my way. My quilt is somewhere in England. I think it was heading to Leeds last time I checked. At the rate I finish things for myself, it won’t matter if it doesn’t get here before next Christmas!