The last 48 hours of weather have been rather weird. Wednesday we had blizzard like snow showers followed by brilliant patches of sun. The sun would heat everything up and melt away all accumulations of snow.

This was making the little miss quite upset. She really wanted to go out and play in the snow. Her ultimate goal was to make a snow man. We didn’t get enough to make a snowball, much less a snowman.

Today was quite a bit different. The temperature dropped overnight and we had a small amount of snow overnight. It started coming down again at about 5:30 AM. I encouraged my husband to stay off the roads and take a snow day. Looking at the DOT cameras and the news reports this morning, I really didn’t want him out there fighting the other wingnuts on the freeways.

So I sent the kids outside for some fun in the snow, and some quiet time for me!

We’ll see what it does tonight and in the morning. I may have another full house again tomorrow.