Well, we did it. We finally broke down and had to buy some new laundry cleaning devices.

The dryer had been eating things off and on for about 2 years. It had an affinity for buttons, pulls, and zippers. Recently it had also developed a taste for quilting cottons and underwear. The sounds it was making were worse than the clothes that it was eating. The drum rollers were wearing out and it would start shrieking as soon as you put in a load. If you were lucky it would only take 5 or 10 minutes before the load would settle and the drum would stop screaming. If luck wasn’t with you, it would squawk throughout the entire run

Just before leaving on our long weekend the washer was making a noise very similar to a blender full of marbles, or a teenager learning how to drive a stick shift. When I lifted the lid, the water was moving a little, but the agitator wasn’t. If I stood there with my hand pressing down on the top of the agitator it would turn the clothes over, albeit with a lot of grinding. Seeing as how I did not want to spend my time standing over the washer while it cleaned the clothes, it was time for new laundry appliances.

We hit Sears for their Friends and Family sale. I’m not sure we got any better of a deal than any other sale. It was still better than paying full price or going to the laundromat. We went for the High Efficiency top loading model. I couldn’t justify the extra bucks for the front loaders, and unless we either spent MORE money on pedestals or built one ourselves, I was going to be crawling on the floor to get the  laundry out of the machines.

It took a bit of convincing for me to believe that they would get the clothes as clean with half the water, or less. We are hoping that the savings in the water bill, and electricity will help offset the cost of the units. I think the savings on the soap will be a big cut too. I am now using 2 Tblsp of laundry soap instead 1/3 to 1/2 cup per load. The pail we just bought at Costco should last us most of the year. I’ll put the date on the lid when I open it to see how long it lasts. I had my husband pick up a new tub just before we got the new gear, thinking that what I had left wouldn’t last the rest of the week. It’s been nearly two weeks and I still have soap in the old pail. Nice!

Once I figure out what all of the different cycles do, it will be great. Until then, I am keeping a copy of the owner’s manual page that explains the cycles stuck to the cupboard above the washer. They really should have put that chart under the lid! The clothes are coming out as clean or cleaner than the old machine was getting them. Now I just have to get used to the fact that my washer sounds a lot like my bread machine.