Things have been moving around here as spring is finally getting serious and school is starting to wind down.

Our baby has lost her first tooth. I guess that makes her a big girl for sure now.

The garden is starting to get growing. The kids took a trip to the local nursery to see how plants grow. They got to plant up a plug of their own. Apparently the slugs really like marigolds. I’m not sure if we can save the one she brought home, so today when we head out to buy the house paint we may pick her up another pony pack to replace the one the slimy little buggars ate, and  big bag of Corey’s Slug and Snail Death. Really! That is the product name. I love it AND it works!

I have also undertaken the plumbing problem in the bathroom. I have fixed the original problem of the toilet water constantly running and refilling. Now I have to go back in and file off the blob of porcelain that they left near the flapper opening. The new seal is narrower, and won’t fit over the entire blob like the old seal did. Thus it is letting a slow drip of water under the seal and out between the tank and the bowl. It is still less water than the constant running, so it is a start in the right direction!  I am waiting to dismantle the toilet again until I actually see the Dremel tool. If it can’t be found in the shop, then it must be at hubby’s work. I’m not going to be down to just one toilet for the whole long weekend for a slow drip!