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This is a Red-Breasted Sapsucker.

I am currently looking for recipes featuring this pretty bird. It has decided that 6:05 is a fantastic time to do this:

It hammers on the aluminum gate about twenty feet outside our bedroom window. At first I thought it was knocking bugs loose that had nested in the crevices. Nope. It just clings to the fence post and bangs it’s beak to make noise. It starts shortly after 6 and goes at it off and on until about noon.

Normally I’m a nature lover, but I sleep until 7AM because I’m usually up until at least 11PM. I think I’d really enjoy this bit of nature in a soup, or grilled, or fried, or….


Who knew that when we got our new bed that I would also acquire a new quilt design surface?

The microfleece blanket holds the fabric in place very nicely. Not quite as good as a design wall, since I can’t really leave things there overnight, but better than the living room floor!

Not really getting much quilting/sewing done in large amounts, but I guess a few minutes here and there will eventually get something significant accomplished!

Off to go poke my head into the barn and check on the pregnant does and top off the one baby we do have with some warm milk. Hmm, maybe I’ll remember to take the camera down and get a few photos of him. He is a cutie!

How do you convince a five year old that the water the animals drink out of the stock tank is not something we should drink?

We just cleaned it and filled it with fresh, cool water. I guess it was just too tempting.