It is time to change the color of our home.  Actually the house really needs a good coat of paint, and since we have to do it anyway, we are opting to change the color while we are at it. The house came in this nifty drab fog grey.

If you live in Western Washington you know that this is the color of the sky about 10 months of the year. We did go with grey for the out buildings, but it is a deeper blue-grey and we got it for $15/5 gal. You can’t argue with that.

We moved the tool shed away from the back of the house where it ended up after it had to move for the construction of the barn. It now has a lovely coat of paint, some new roofing, and looks much less ugly.

This is the house as “before” as I could get it. Eric had already removed the horrid shutters and some of the trim.  We also vetoed the old house numbers. They are cutesie tile things and were nearly invisible from the driveway. A few deck boards will have to be replaced while we are at it.

We have some plants for this end of the house once the paint goes on.

The back of the house is pretty boring. Our “Someday Plans” include a set of french doors from the living room on to a nice deck.

The back porch is going to have to have all new decking boards. Thankfully it’s not that big of a project.

This end of the house is going to take a bit of finesse. The lattice is mounted on 2×2″ lumber, so hopefully by removing a few screws we can gently lay over the lattice with the clematis and not do damage to either one.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress….