This is the color we chose for the house.

It is pretty bright. I think the paint chip was darker, but with a 3″x5″ swatch is hard to determine how it will really look on the house. We managed to get the trellis pieces down and we are hoping that no permanent damage was done to the clematis vines. I do believe we will have the only blue hollyhocks in the neighborhood.

Apparently the “One Coat” paint we bought doesn’t work. We paid extra for the paint that had the primer in it so we didn’t have to roll two coats. What do you think?

We had our junior painter with us today. She got to paint in the grooves before we came back over with the roller. That was fun for a while and then some art needed to be added. This is our secret blue dragon. The secret is that he is hidden under the rest of the blue paint! Since we have photographic evidence that he existed we are safe.

This is how far we got today. I had an appointment this morning and didn’t get to start helping until about 1. I have another appointment tomorrow and will have to knock off about 1:30. We’ll see how far we get. About half of the back needs the second coat. My guess is we’ll make it around to the front porch by tomorrow.