Friday morning we put the lattice back up. That was an adventure. That clematis is a lot heavier than it looks! In the process we ended up putting one of the rails though the window screen in Em’s room. Oops! Now three need replacing. The cat has messed up the two on the kitchen windows.

 Lattice up

Friday also saw the trim get a first coat of paint. We ended up going with the pre-primed white (spruce) trim boards. They were about half the cost of the cedar. They may not last as many years as the cedar, but since we will need to replace the siding in a few more years that is a minor concern.


Friday afternoon we painted/stained the skirting. We used the grey solid-color stain that we had used for the out buildings. It kind of makes it look like concrete, but we were just aiming for clean. The downspouts were up back up as well.

 Euphorbia & Rock Garden

We have some problems with the front deck and back porch. The boards are starting to rot, especially where we have had planters sitting on the deck. We had several sizable holes under the tomato pots that were starting to head towards the front door. While he had the deck torn apart, I mixed up a batch of termite/carpenter ant insecticide and got busy laying down a nice line of it around the perimeter of the house, shop, woodpile, and part of the barn.

In the interest of public safety, Eric tore up the rotten boards and laid in new. The back porch will be another project for another day. It is on poor shape, but at least there aren’t any holes yet. The front looks nice and we wish we had the funds to replace the whole thing this year, since we don’t, it is currently scheduled as a 2012 project.


Eric also replaced the torn/shredded window screen material Saturday afternoon. The new screens look so much better. I suppose that will be another thing to add to the list of “To Dos”. Item #647 – New screen material for the rest of the windows.

After Sunday morning chores I walked up to the house and I noticed how dirty the lattice was. It is the plastic stuff and it had grown a lovely coat of green. Just about everything here in Western Washington will grow a coat of this. I’m not sure what it is exactly. It’s not really a moss, but perhaps an algae that can take being dried out and rehydrated multiple times. Whatever it is, it was making the pretty new paint job on the house look a little unfinished. So I took a bucket of hot water and a scrubbie and went to it. Even though I ended up with icky water flooding my underarm, the lattice looks so much better. A swampy armpit is easy enough to fix in the shower and a small price to pay for a tidy looking finished project.

Wanna guess where I stopped to take the picture?

The rest of Sunday will be spent getting ready to have the family over to celebrate Mom’s birthday. I think we all need a break from the paint fumes!