Sometimes dads need to schlep the baby stuff around. They aren’t going to want to have to tote the girly looking thing around. So I made these for the guys.

My cousin is a HUGE Mavericks fan. Even before they won the basketball championship. I found this fabric in our clearance section here in the Seattle area. Huh, go figure.

The baseball one is for my son who is expecting a son in September. He could have probably borrowed one from his little sister, but again, the flowers and girly patterns just won’t work.

I have a few more to finish top stitching. I have two more baby shower gifts coming up, and I like to have a couple on hand, just in case.

This pattern makes great tote bags for just about everybody, not just diaper bags. You just pick the appropriate fabrics for the intended person and off you go. You can even customize the pockets if you want. A couple of narrower seams and you have a perfect sleeve for knitting needles or crochet hooks.

If you want a closer look, check out SewBaby and their Double Duty Diaper Bag pattern. If your fabric store carries the SewBaby line of patterns, it is usually one of the ones they keep stocked.

I have made several modifications to the pattern, like lining the pockets and adding an extra two inches to the strap handle so I can extend the tab into the bag further to secure them with extra stitching. That is from trial and error, and it looks like they may have tweaked the pattern a bit from the one I picked up 5 years ago. If you are looking for a super handy bag this is it!