This is a lot of carrots. Our lovely neighbor, Mary, brought them over. She picked them up at the feed store. They were giving them away. Apparently they had three pallets that had been dropped off by one of their customers when his client refused delivery of them.

I have my crisper drawer full of them, and we are feeding them out to the goats. I am nearly to the bottom of the 48 pound outer bag. We have some that have certainly spoiled and that has prompted me to finish off the ones out of the fridge in a big hurry.

I have just dealt with 75 pounds of tomatoes that were turning to mush too. The top box was pretty good, but the bottom two were obviously the ones you slip in when the customer is not watching too closely. I won’t complain too loudly though. A friend bright them from east of the mountains on his way home. The ones that were still good have made a fine batch of sauce & pizza paste for the coming year.

I also have  a new contact for 20 plus varieties of apple here in the local area. The older couple told me I might have to bring my brush cutters and some heavy-duty, blackberry-vine-proof pants, but I was welcome. Apple butter here I come! That stuff was soooo tasty on just about everything, I’ll gladly go through the hassle of making it again.

Even though our garden was pretty much crap this year, we are at least finding things to put up for the winter! I am going to try “dry” or “oven” canning some of the dry goods we buy in bulk. I have a 25 pound bag of rice to start. I’ll let you all know how that goes too.