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Funny the things kids see when they look at their food. What do you see?

Once this loaf of bread was sliced the silhouette looks a lot like a crouching bunny. Thus, it has been dubbed “Bunny Bread” by the kindergardener.

I’ll have to start taking a closer look at my food!


Happy Thanksgiving!

These are the latest addition to our holiday decorations. The Little Miss has been very busy with her art projects at school!

Have a wonderful day and eat until you are stuffed!

I have the Zebra top all finished. My problem was the back. I was able to buy the zebra print at a great price and wanted to use it for the backing. I was just under 3 inches short of the width needed for the back. GRRRR!

I thought about how to match up the zebra print and could not come up with a way that wouldn’t involve a stay at the local mental facility or a new pair of glasses. I have to say I took a bit of inspiration from a quilt I think I saw on the Two Hippos blog some months back. It was a set of articles on simple versus easy. The quilt in question was solid blue with a row of shifting blocks slightly offset down the length. Simple, classy, but not easy.

This gave me an idea on how to make the back a little more interesting, and add in the extra width I needed. By splitting the length of the fabric and running a row of simple blocks down the back, I achieved both.

Thankfully I had enough scraps of the fabrics from the front for the Sherman’s March blocks. They are a color variation on the classic ChurnDash block. This seemed to have done the trick. It is now a quilt sandwich! Hopefully, it will be pinned tomorrow while the house is empty.

My father and step-mother leased us a pecan tree for Christmas 2009. To some folks that might sound a bit nuts, but I like pecans and use them in my baking instead of walnuts. Hubby likes to eat the things I bake, so it was a perfect gift for all of us!

Last fall the box of pecans showed up. I believe they were supposed to arrive already shelled, or at least cracked & blown to make getting at the nut meats easier. Nope, there in a nifty burlap bag were several pounds of pecans in all their fully-shelled glory. Oh well, it probably kept me from eating them plain!

I have been freeing those poor babies from their shells on an as-needed basis for recipes all year long. With the busy holiday baking season coming up I needed to know how many were left. So, I got crackin’!

This activity looked like a lot of fun to the Junior Baker. She had fun cracking the shells, but getting them off was a bit tough. So I got to do that part. It took us about an hour and a half to get through them. The pecans are now all naked and resting comfortably in the freezer until we are ready to bake them up into something yummy!

Thanks Mom & Dad!

Yeah, I know it was two weeks ago. Just be happy I’m not posting it in February!

This was not a handmade costume year. We could not get a decision out of the Little Miss as to what she wanted to dress up as early enough. This is the fantastic result of closet diving! Last year’s Easter Dress + TinkerBell wings + hot pink crown & glow-stick wand = Magic Fairy Princess. Everybody was happy. The Mom part of me insisted that she wear the turtle neck and long johns under the dress. Good thing too, as it was pretty cold out there.

We attended the community Trunk or Treat for the first time this year. The willing participants decorate the trunks of their cars, SUVs, etc. and hand out candy to the kids as they pass by. This option is much safer than having the kids running around on the dark roads out here. We are giving some thought to bringing the trailer next year and decorating it.

All the excitement pooped the Fairy Princess out. The next morning her first words were: “Where’s my pretty party dress?” I had to explain why we don’t sleep in our party clothes. I don’t ever remember reading the fine print that says we have to come up with reasons for some of these things. Worse than that, reasons that they will believe!

I have been remiss in my blogging duties, and I am getting some comments from the family about it. We have been busy around here and here is some proof.

Camp outs & picnics in the living room on Fridays because there is no Kindergarten.

That $10 IKEA tent has been one of the best investments ever!

We have had some rain that made me think about getting the supplies together for Noah’s Boatworks.

The gutters needed some attention. I know I did not mention that when the weather was dry and he was already up on the roof cleaning out the wood stove chimney pipe. I did not say “I told you so” because I didn’t need to.

I won’t show you photos of the dishes, laundry, dust rag, or vacuum cleaner. I am sure most of you are very familiar with your own versions and understand their time sucking qualities.

On a happier note, Yukyra Rose came to live with us after 10 of this year’s kids went to new homes. The closest I can get to how Em pronounces her name is “Rowthz”. It is a fuzzy version of Rose. Yukyra was a bit too much of a mouthful for her, and Yukyra doesn’t really care what you call her, as long as you put grain in her dish. I can honestly say she is much more pleasant to have in the barn than those 10 noisy kids! Her milk is pretty tasty too.

Thank you Felecia for making her pretty much bomb proof. She is the only white goat in our barn that doesn’t run when Em opens the gate. Perhaps she’ll have a calming effect on the other two!

That will update you on some of the stuff that has happened around here this fall.