I have been remiss in my blogging duties, and I am getting some comments from the family about it. We have been busy around here and here is some proof.

Camp outs & picnics in the living room on Fridays because there is no Kindergarten.

That $10 IKEA tent has been one of the best investments ever!

We have had some rain that made me think about getting the supplies together for Noah’s Boatworks.

The gutters needed some attention. I know I did not mention that when the weather was dry and he was already up on the roof cleaning out the wood stove chimney pipe. I did not say “I told you so” because I didn’t need to.

I won’t show you photos of the dishes, laundry, dust rag, or vacuum cleaner. I am sure most of you are very familiar with your own versions and understand their time sucking qualities.

On a happier note, Yukyra Rose came to live with us after 10 of this year’s kids went to new homes. The closest I can get to how Em pronounces her name is “Rowthz”. It is a fuzzy version of Rose. Yukyra was a bit too much of a mouthful for her, and Yukyra doesn’t really care what you call her, as long as you put grain in her dish. I can honestly say she is much more pleasant to have in the barn than those 10 noisy kids! Her milk is pretty tasty too.

Thank you Felecia for making her pretty much bomb proof. She is the only white goat in our barn that doesn’t run when Em opens the gate. Perhaps she’ll have a calming effect on the other two!

That will update you on some of the stuff that has happened around here this fall.