Yeah, I know it was two weeks ago. Just be happy I’m not posting it in February!

This was not a handmade costume year. We could not get a decision out of the Little Miss as to what she wanted to dress up as early enough. This is the fantastic result of closet diving! Last year’s Easter Dress + TinkerBell wings + hot pink crown & glow-stick wand = Magic Fairy Princess. Everybody was happy. The Mom part of me insisted that she wear the turtle neck and long johns under the dress. Good thing too, as it was pretty cold out there.

We attended the community Trunk or Treat for the first time this year. The willing participants decorate the trunks of their cars, SUVs, etc. and hand out candy to the kids as they pass by. This option is much safer than having the kids running around on the dark roads out here. We are giving some thought to bringing the trailer next year and decorating it.

All the excitement pooped the Fairy Princess out. The next morning her first words were: “Where’s my pretty party dress?” I had to explain why we don’t sleep in our party clothes. I don’t ever remember reading the fine print that says we have to come up with reasons for some of these things. Worse than that, reasons that they will believe!