My father and step-mother leased us a pecan tree for Christmas 2009. To some folks that might sound a bit nuts, but I like pecans and use them in my baking instead of walnuts. Hubby likes to eat the things I bake, so it was a perfect gift for all of us!

Last fall the box of pecans showed up. I believe they were supposed to arrive already shelled, or at least cracked & blown to make getting at the nut meats easier. Nope, there in a nifty burlap bag were several pounds of pecans in all their fully-shelled glory. Oh well, it probably kept me from eating them plain!

I have been freeing those poor babies from their shells on an as-needed basis for recipes all year long. With the busy holiday baking season coming up I needed to know how many were left. So, I got crackin’!

This activity looked like a lot of fun to the Junior Baker. She had fun cracking the shells, but getting them off was a bit tough. So I got to do that part. It took us about an hour and a half to get through them. The pecans are now all naked and resting comfortably in the freezer until we are ready to bake them up into something yummy!

Thanks Mom & Dad!