I have the Zebra top all finished. My problem was the back. I was able to buy the zebra print at a great price and wanted to use it for the backing. I was just under 3 inches short of the width needed for the back. GRRRR!

I thought about how to match up the zebra print and could not come up with a way that wouldn’t involve a stay at the local mental facility or a new pair of glasses. I have to say I took a bit of inspiration from a quilt I think I saw on the Two Hippos blog some months back. It was a set of articles on simple versus easy. The quilt in question was solid blue with a row of shifting blocks slightly offset down the length. Simple, classy, but not easy.

This gave me an idea on how to make the back a little more interesting, and add in the extra width I needed. By splitting the length of the fabric and running a row of simple blocks down the back, I achieved both.

Thankfully I had enough scraps of the fabrics from the front for the Sherman’s March blocks. They are a color variation on the classic ChurnDash block. This seemed to have done the trick. It is now a quilt sandwich! Hopefully, it will be pinned tomorrow while the house is empty.