After this

and this last week.

We ended up with a native dogwood tree that tipped over from the weight of the ice. When the land was logged and subdivided many years ago, the dirt below the tree had been cut away. It hasn’t been an issue until the tree reached its current size. Now add on a couple hundred pounds of ice covering the poor thing and she just laid over.

Thankfully the snow and ice didn’t snap the top out or break any major branches like some of the other trees. She just slid down the bank and pulled the root system loose.

So, we decided to see if we could save her.  With some rope, block & tackle, and some help from the tractor, we were able to get her upright.

Well, mostly. She still has a pretty hefty lean, and we’ll see if we can find some more fill dirt to re-enforce the bank. It might take another pulling session to get her set back in completely vertical. We should probably trim up the fir tree she’s tied to. If we pull her more upright, the branches are going to get entangled.

Since there are still 6 weeks left in Winter, we decided that for her safety and our sanity, we’d leave her with some support for now.