While cleaning up after the Willow removal and Dogwood rescue I decided to sweep off the power junction box and the water meter cover. There was a nice coating of wood shavings from the chainsaw over everything. Since shavings and electricity might not mix well, it sounded like a good idea to me.

After sweeping off the water meter cover, I realized it had grass jammed in it. I figured that since I was there I ought to clean it out. You can imagine my astonishment when I found the box completely filled with dirt.

This is how much dirt was removed. I pulled out a little more than four-one gallon buckets of dirt. This might explain why we had such a huge water bill one month. I think the old meter-reader looked at that and didn’t want to mess with it, so he guessed. The new guy had at least attempted to dig down and find the dial.

My question is ” Why didn’t someone leave me a note on the front door ?” If we had a plumbing problem, there is NO WAY I could have found the shut-off valve in there!

So here is a helpful hint. Head out and check your meter box for varmints!