We had a discussion on the Missouri Star Quilt Company forum about drawing on fabric with regular crayons. Some of us had used fabric crayons and others had used regular crayons and heat set them with waxed paper.

Being the Mad Scientist I am, I thought I’d see if the plain old crayons would hold in the wash.

I ended up using both pre-washed and non-washed 100% cotton material. The crayons of choice are Crayola. They are NOT specifically marked washable. On the one piece you will see that I made some heavy-handed markings and Em did some on her own. Both pieces were heat set on plain white copier paper with the iron set to Cotton – NO steam. As you can see from the photo below, I ironed the fabric until the crayon soaked through the fabric.

They were washed with powdered detergent in a top-loading, HE washer with a load of clothes and a load of towels. (I thought the washer ate the first test strip. Thankfully it was only a very sneaky polar fleece pullover.)

They were both dried in the drier on medium-high. The second test strip was safety pinned to a wash rag and I did not see any color transfer to the rag or any of the other clothes in either load.

I’d have to say that the regular Crayola crayons will do a pretty good job. I would suggest that the coloring be fairly heavy-handed to keep the colors bright. As you can see Em’s marks faded a bit. The white washed out more than the other colors. It is harder to see, but it was the only color that didn’t hold very well.

There you go ladies & gentlemen!