The Little Miss and I spent last weekend enjoying the hospitality of Lucky Star Farm during their annual DHIA verification test. The does were beautiful and they all performed very well in the milk department, as usual.

The farm has a special guest this season. Maddy is out to visit her grandparents for summer break. This trip gave the girls an opportunity to have a playmate their own age for a few days.

I made flannel pants for the girls and embellished some t-shirts to go along with them. Normally, I would have made summer jammies in seersucker, but since we haven’t had more than one day that has hit 80 yet, flannel it is.

Maddy’s favorite things are kitties. Since Grandma Judi just decorated her bedroom in Hello Kitty, I though this would be appropriate with the bright pink, blue, and yellow flowers all over her pants.

I put a rolled edge on the sleeves and hem. That gives it the ruffled lettuce edge effect once you run it through the wash, which is where this cutie was left. I got all the way up there and realized I had left the shirts in the dryer. Smooth. Oh well. the girls had fun and I hope Maddy enjoys the top once the mail man delivers it to her!