There are three very special girls who live in New York. One is an Emily, so that makes her special right off. Sadly she is fighting a nasty disease called Aplastic Anemia. It does horrible things to your body and the doctors have to do all sorts of uncomfortable and icky tests to see how well the treatments are working. Emily is 11. Way, way too young to be fighting for her life like that. She also has two younger sisters. Laura is 8 and Sarah is 5, going on 6.

The group of quilty ladies on the Missouri Star Quilting Company forum decided to get together and make Emily a quilty hug so she knew how many of us were out here rooting for her. Well, some of us thought it would be nice to make quilts for her sisters too.

Sarah likes penguins and ballet, pinks and green. This is what her quilt ended up looking like.

I had 10 blocks from 5 other people on this one. I’ll have 9 for Laura’s. I completely forgot to take photos before I sent the top off to Ruby in Hawaii to be quilted. As you can see, she did a wonderful job. She found some super cute material to back it with. I think they are hula girls.

Now I am working on Laura’s fabric hug. It has taken me a lot longer to get this project done that I had planned. You know what they say about plans though!