One small leak resulted in this.

We have contemplated replacing the linoleum in the kitchen with tile since we moved in. It just hasn’t been a real priority. Until now. The cheap underlayment is not supposed to be exposed to moisture, so you put it in a kitchen? Anyhow.

We have found a nice tile for the kitchen floor. After the experience with the bathroom floor, my sweet husband decided the bigger the tile and the least amount of a pattern, the better. Although I did drag out the quilt books just to see if I could tempt him. He did say that if he had months to cut the tiles, he might consider several of the patterns.

Today he and the junior foregirl headed to the hardware store for the concrete backer board, the radiant heat pad and the grout, while I tried to empty as much out of the fridge as possible.  We had to move out the fridge and the stove so we can tile under them. We are going to leave the dishwasher alone since we think we can still get it out over the lip of the tile once we are done. There were some interesting things under the stove (the letter U, a matchbox car, a bottle cap, and some other unidentified things) and a huge dust bunny colony under the fridge!

The fridge is a beast. It took my step-sister, her mom, and I to get the thing in the house the first time. We wrestled that thing into the house just to find out that I was right and the fridge was going to be about 1/4″ too tall. The salesman assured us that the measurements were usually a bit bigger than the product, after he insinuated that I might not have measured correctly. (I quilt you idiot. I know how much difference a quarter of an inch can make!) So with the help of a saws-all and a plane, we were able to trim the cabinet facing to make the fridge fit.

The fridge barely fit on the linoleum, which is significantly thinner than the new flooring will be. We may have a completely new space above the fridge when we are finished!