We got the concrete backer board all laid down yesterday before we headed out for the family barbeque. Eric finished fastening it down this morning.

I was given the assignment of figuring out how to use the leftover tile from the bathroom to design the entryway. We wanted something a bit different from the kitchen in that space.

This is what we ended up with. There weren’t enough of the bathroom tiles to complete the entry way using them alone. My husband actually admitted that all of that quilting finally came in handy!

This is where we stopped this evening. Until the heating coils are laid down we can’t go any further. I have requested that there be a patch of radiant floor heating in the space between the kitchen sink and the island as I spend a lot of time standing there, and that tile can be darned cold in the winter.

My griping about cold tiles in the bathroom resulted in the heating being installed under the tile in the master bath when we renovated that space a few years ago. No one has had any complaints about the warm floors in the winter!