This is the island that we are going to wire the thermostat into to control the floor heat. It was the closest source of electricity, so with a few new holes it is ready to go. A good excuse to clean out the pots and pans I guess.

The heating coils are down and the electric is run across the floor. Eric learned after the bathroom project, that if you make a groove for the connecting wiring to lie in, the rest of the tiles lay much flatter as you go. You can get the mats in differing lengths, but this is the area where most of the kitchen work happens so the four foot span is just right.

All covered up! He did make a notch for the lead wires, but forgot for the tail. You can join multiple mats together for different room configurations, so the tail wires are wrapped with a bit more bulk for connecting. So there is an extra bit of thin-set and some weight on the problem tile.

Well, we are one box short on the tile. Apparently we didn’t completely compensate for all of the cuts we were going to have to make, nor did we factor in breakage during shipping. We need 7 more tiles and they come 8 to a box. Our personal Home Depot delivery service kid will be home from work and the gym about 9AM with two more boxes. A few of the tiles arrived broken when we opened the boxes. That would make for a very unpleasant scene if there were two in the box that were cracked, so we went for safe. I can always take one back!