The two boxes of tile showed up this morning with the arrival of the Cody Express, right on schedule. An incentive of breakfast probably didn’t hurt.

This has been an adventure. The stove is in the living room and the refrigerator is in the dining room. Our main source for cooking has either been the microwave or the grill. Thankfully the grill has a side burner. I still have baby goats on milk and I need to pasteurize it first. I am not used to cooking with propane, and my guess is that this heat dial is a lot less sensitive than a regular stove top would be. I told the family “It’s like camping, but with a decent bathroom, and without the tents!”

After breakfast, Eric hit the home stretch of laying down the tile. It was at this point we realized exactly how un-square our kitchen was, and why the tile box recommended a quarter inch grout line. The tiles aren’t square either and the 1/4″ would give some fudge room. We have a few funky lines, but we have the floor tiled!

To give himself a much needed break, my sweet husband decided to put the hitch in the back of the truck for the stock trailer. We are “on call” for the first load of hay for the season. I should hear by this evening if the hay will be ready for pick up Sunday or Monday. The fun just never ceases!

We did not get to the grout today. The lawn got mown, last year’s hay was shifted around, and all of the odds and ends that had migrated into the barn have been returned to their proper location. The call came. We have a hay run tomorrow.